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Our Aim

At Orion Innovations, we focus on new and disruptive technologies that improve patient safety for the highest quality outcomes. Grounded in the principle that robust solutions can be simple to adopt, we think about caregivers and facilities, and how we can streamline the best possible patient experience through healthcare heroes.

Our Products

MedLite ID®

The MedLite ID Smart-Lite system identifies & illuminates infusion lines in seconds, helping prevent life-threatening infusion Adverse Drug Events.
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NoGag oral care made Smart, Simple, Stress-Free. 10 Seconds to eliminate the gag reflex and increase referrals, procedures, and patients.
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OxySwitch is a disposable oxygen valve that allows caregivers to switch seamlessly between oxygen delivery devices.
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Company News

Yahoo Finance on MedLite ID

MedLite ID: An Innovation Reducing Infusion Confusion. While America's healthcare system is no stranger to criticism and you likely already know about its need for reform, you may be surprised to learn where the spotlight is shining: on the IV lines hooked up to patients in ICUs...
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MedLite ID Launches Safety WP

New Patient Safety White Paper- St. George, UT – August 4, 2021, MedLite ID launches a new white paper that demonstrates how care providers can protect their patients and caregivers using MedLite ID to significantly improve patient safety and staff efficiency while reducing clinician stress...
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Atwood Innovation Plaza

Atwood Innovation Plaza and MedLite ID Featured in St. George Magazine – St. George, UT – June 28, 2021. MedLite ID is proud to be the first success story to come out of the Atwood Innovation Plaza! Check out this May 2021 feature story where our unique patient safety solution was spotlighted in St. George Magazine.
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MedLite ID Awarded Patient Safety

MedLite ID Awarded Patient Safety Solutions Agreement with PremierSt. George, UT – March 15, 2021 – MedLite ID has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for Patient Safety Solutions with Premier. Effective May 1, 2021, the new agreement allows Premier members to take advantage of special pricing...
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MedLite ID Secures $5M Gen Medical

MedLite ID Secures $5M Series A Financing Round Led by 1st Gen Medical- October 19, 2020ST. GEORGE, UT / ACCESSWIRE / MedLite ID, Inc. announced today the close of its Series A financing round. The $5,000,000 round is broken into two tranches. The first tranche is $3,000,000 immediately...
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MedLite ID and Veterans Healthcare

MedLite ID and Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions partner to provide innovative patient safety solution to VA and DoD healthcare facilities- September 30, 2020ST. GEORGE, UT / ACCESSWIRE / MedLite ID, offering an innovative patient safety solution, today announced...

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MedLite ID announces Chairman

MedLite ID announces new Chairman of the Board, COO/CFO and Board Member- February 18, 2020St. George, Utah — MedLite ID today announced the appointment of Dr. Wayne Provost, one of the founders and inventor of MedLite ID, as Chairman of its Board of Directors.

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Grand Opening of the AIC

Grand Opening of the Atwood Innovation Center- November 8, 2019Dixie State University paid tribute to a man whose influence helped set the stage to assist innovation and entrepreneurship. Lindsay Atwood, who passed away on October 31, was recognized during a...

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Notre Dame and Dixie State

Notre Dame and Dixie State University to collaborate with MedLite ID to improve quality of care, save lives MedLite ID is designed to reduce the risk of life-threatening errors for critically ill patients receiving multiple IV infusions- June 19, 2019St. George, Utah – The University of Notre Dame and Dixie State University....
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MedLite IMHC Study Summary

INTERMOUNTAIN HEALTHCARE STUDY SUMMARY. A study conducted at an Intermountain Healthcare hospital revealed that 82.5% of nurses participating in this study recommended the adoption of the MedLite ID technology, citing increased patient safety, improved efficiency, and reduced...
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Testing at DSU School of Nursing

MEDLITE ID EFFICIENCY STUDY DSU SCHOOL OF NURSING- MedLite ID Clinical Mannequin Testing at DSU School of Nursing MedLite ID is a simple-to-use, disposable medical device enabling clinicians to accurately and efficiently identify the primary / emergency medication infusion line versus similar...
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Remembering Lindsay Atwood

Remembering Lindsay Atwood- November 1, 2019 MedLite ID Chairman of the Board and Dixie State University Board of Trustees member, well-known innovator, and DSU family member Lindsay Atwood died on the afternoon of Oct. 31. President Richard “Biff” Williams sent out an announcement email....
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